Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jenni from The Bachelor's Resume

Here is a link to the resume of The Bachelor contestant Jenni Croft. The other bachelorettes don't like her because Brad Womack obviously likes and is attracted to her, so they make up little criticisms of her like the dreaded "she's here for the wrong reasons." In the world of reality dating shows, that seems to be the worst form of slander for some reason. A bachelorette can call another girl the worst names imaginable and they'll hug and make up within five minutes, but if one suggests that another is "here for the wrong reasons," it starts World War III. Jenni has done a lot of minor tv, modeling and dancing work and must move around a lot from city to city, which makes her question to Brad about whether she could stay in Phoenix for a year before moving to Austin a little suspicious.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lauren Conrad's Clothing Line

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's Weird Assisted Suicide Pact

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have entered into a mutual assisted suicide pact. “Ozzy and I have absolutely come to the same decision. We believe 100 percent in euthanasia so have drawn up plans to go to the assisted suicide flat in Switzerland if we ever have an illness that affects our brains. If Ozzy or I ever got Alzheimer's, that's it — we'd be off,” she revealed to the paper. “We gathered the kids around the kitchen table, told them our wishes and they've all agreed to go with it.”

Question for Sharon: How will you tell if Ozzy has an illness that affects his brain? He's practically a vegetable already from decades of massive drug use.

Interview with Daniele from Big Brother 8

Here is an interview with Big Brother 8 runner up Daniele. I am shocked to report that her boyfriend is now an ex-boyfriend.

Biggest Loser Can Still Inspire Audiences

The Biggest Loser is an underrated show. Commentary here.

Rachel Ray's "So You Think You Can Cook"

Rachel Ray is launching "So You Think You Can Cook?" — a nationwide search for an enterprising foodie. "We just want to give a person — a real person, not a chef or somebody specially trained to do this for a living — a shot at showing everybody their personality and how much fun you can have with food," Ray, 39, said in a telephone interview Wednesday with The Associated Press. Ray and her producers will narrow the field of candidates to five promising cooks, who will undergo two weeks of intense competitions and challenges before a winner is announced on the air in late November.