Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Real World Denver: Study in Alex and Colie

So Colie finds out that Jen did Alex. But they both decided they they loooove each other and that their friendship is much stronger than either of their relationship with a guy. I mean, come on, Colie is going to be in Jen's wedding! That's what she said. Jen was so upset, I think more worried about getting caught than anything and she probably wouldn't have told Colie about the hot sex in the guest room. But then Colie saw the hickey on Jen's neck while she was showering. Yeah, girls do that, watch each other take a shower. Just like when we have slumber parties and have naked pillow fights, right. Anyway, they bonded over this issue. Alex and Colie talked it out. and I don't think Colie wants to be the desperate girl on the show. ( I like her better now) It's just that she likes Alex. So they talked and made a pact. Not to hook up with anyone the next day. Gosh, that's a committment. It was hilarious though. Alex took it back the next day.

I like the Tennesse girl. Colie, Jen and the TN girl went out. Colie picked up Nick, a dude in a bar. Brought him back to the house to make Alex jealous. It worked.

Nick told the TN girl that she didn't like him. TN girl said she liked him as long as he didn't F Colie. I like TN girl. She's a girl's girl. She has Colie's back and I kind of feel sad for her that's she's the third wheel. I hope Jen atleast asks her to read in her wedding. But seriously. I like her, she seems normal. Or seemed normal this time.

Poor Colie, just wants a boyfriend and Alex is really the only option for her. That's what she said.

Oh, one more thing. Check out this link. It gives 5 reasons why you're too old too be watching Real World.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Danny Bonaduce's Meltdown in the Guest Room

On Breaking Bonaduce, Danny Partridge Bonaduce threw a tantrum in the guest room, whining and singing a song calling Gretchen a whore. Then, when babysitting for his children and a friend's children, he had them shoot him with a plastic pellet gun. He then wrapped the dog up in bacon and took the dog and the kids for a walk in the dark to see if the baited dog would attract coyotes. I don't think he'll be receiving a Christmas card from PETA this year. Later, Danny and Gretchen go out to eat and Danny tries to talk to her through the glass window as she sits at their table by the window while he is outside smoking. At the end, Gretchen shuts the cameras out of the guest room (though their microphones are still on) as she talks to Danny and invites him back into the master bedroom. She is as big a mess as he is.

2007 Amazing Race Will Be All-Star Cast

Rob and Amber and other all-stars will be back on The Amazing Race in 2007. Unfortunately, Jonathan and Victoria will not participate.

Dumb Reality Show Idea

I'm a big fan of reality tv, hence this website, but this idea is absurd. Muncie, Indiana may have celebrities join its police force this winter for a reality show. The celebrities will carry guns after first passing psychological and physical tests and undergoing 40 hours of training. Celebrity cops may include Erik Estrada, Jack Osbourne, former Minnesota Governor and professional wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura, "Jackass" dwarf Jason "Wee Man" Acuna and former professional wrestler Trish Stratus. The Mayor says that producers have agreed not to portray the town as "backwater," adding that "if done right, and they maintain the integrity of the profession, this is a good thing." Memo to the Mayor: Hiring dwarfs, wrestlers and has-been actors for your police force will in no way maintain the integrity of the profession.

Danny Bonaduce Moves Into the Guest Room

Pardon me for being an episode behind with Breaking Bonaduce. Gretchen has allowed Danny to move back into the house, but only into the guest bedroom on a trial basis. Once in the house, he proceeds to xerox copy his penis with his son, and Gretchen says it looks like a turkey's neck. Danny burps a lot at dinner and becomes upset when his kids say he is soft. In response, he decides that he needs to spar with a real boxer, who proceeds to beat the crap out of him. Danny repeatedly refers to his house as a mansion, complaining that he has a mansion but only lives in a tiny guest room (it really is small). He meets with his pastor over lunch and repeatedly is shown reading the Bible. When therapist Dr. Garry asks Danny what may happen if he has to stay in the guest room for too long, he responds, "Girls, and then booze, and then drugs, and then violence. I think my life would come back."

Monday, November 27, 2006

My fault for searching

the web. While surfing for more up to date opinions on the Bachelor, Studio 60 was ruined for me. I won't ruin it for you.

It's not going to last. Jen and Lorenzo. She's not Princess material. I mean come on. Like he's really a Prince. They seemed to all fall for it hook, line and sinker. Pitiful and redneckish. I expected more from Sadie.

Do you think Father Prince Borghese's accent was real? Nope.

The mom was a bit coocoo with the Palm Reading. But I do have to say, I'm a Pisces too-so I felt a bond with Jen and Sadie:)!

The Bachelor and the Virgin

I searched blogs to see who else is blogging about the Bachelor. I thought Michael, whoever he is, made a good point.

The Bachelor

SHOOOOOOCKED!!! I am floored. I was soooo wrong. How can I be so wrong?!?
Fine. If Lorenzo wants to spend the rest of his life with that girl and THAT VOICE! He made a big mistake.

My fellow blogger agreed with me. That Lorenzo was going to pick Sadie, but he said he wasn't shocked that he didn't. Whatever.

The Bachelor in 2007-what a tool. They all are, aren't they? I believe his exact words were "Gosh darn it"... he hopes he finds a wife or something like that.

Gosh Darn it, I never saw a bigger tool.

The Bachelor in Rome-Season Finale!!!

Get your wine ready and put your feet up. I bet you a year's subscription to NOLAMom that Lorenzo picks Sadie!!! Okay, NOLAMom is free but I still bet you.

Nate Voted Out on Survivor

Jonathan turned his back on his tribe again, swinging to the Raro tribe to vote out Nate. Yul showed Jonathan the hidden immunity idol, and Jonathan anticipated that if Aitu voted for Yul, he would play the idol and Jonathan would be the person with the next most votes and would be sent home. Nate, who is funny (both intentionally and unintentionally), responded to the surprise by calling Jonathan a "dirty, stanky, whack fruitcake." Adam continued to romance Candice, though he also hit on Parvati. He had a little too much to drink on the boat and threw up over the side.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Real World Denver: Good Stuff

I am waiting anxiously for Wednesday to come around again. I thought the premiere was good stuff and if it says anything about what the rest of the season will be like, it will be HOT.

Colie: At first I didn't like her but she grew on me throughout the show. Sometimes she's pretty, sometimes she's not but I think it's the voice that makes her come across as unattractive at times-nasally and whiny and kind of manly. I hope she doesn't turn into a Trishelle-needy and desperate. Although Trishelle will always be one of my favorites, I don't feel like revisiting her inadequacies.

The Southern Girl: Same thing, sometimes she looks great, others she comes across as kind of cheesy. I'm still not sure where she is going to fit into the picture.

African American Baptist: Reminds me of a boring Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bellaire. I am so over the "I don't believe in the homosexual lifestyle" scenario. Seen it all before.

Trampy Chick: She's going to be good for the show and the ratings. Instigating lesbian makeouts and what not.

Alex: Don't really find him very attractive.

Blond Baptist Gay Boy: Love him. He's the cutest one on the show and he's definitely fit.

Big African American Guy: He will hookup with someone in the house whether they want to believe it or not.

Can't wait to find out what other reality tv bloggers think of the group on the attractiveness scale. I wasn't impressed and I don't think there will be any in house love relationships other than the occasional hookups.

Interview with The Real World Producer

Forbes has an interesting interview with Jon Murray, producer of The Real World.

Real World Denver Premiere

The Real World Denver cast seems to be following the Las Vegas cast's formula of intracast hooking up. In the first episode, Alex made out with Colie, Brooke made out with Jenn, Alex made out with Colie and Jenn together, and Alex had sex with Jenn. The first episode was full of cast members gushing about how great of friends they had become in the space of a few short hours. Shortly thereafter, Colie told Alex to come to her bed for a hookup in ten minutes. In response, he asked for twenty minutes but got sidetracked from that and his pizza in the oven when he opted to do Jenn instead. It was quite a first 48 hours in the house. Tyrie flirted with Brooke but had no success. Stephen does not approve of Davis' homosexuality, which was interesting because it is the first time I recall two Real World cast members having a discussion about the Bible.