Friday, September 28, 2007

Heidi Montag Denies That Implants are Revenge

Heidi Montag denies that her breast implants are revenge, despite posing with her cover shot of Us Magazine with the bold headline "Revenge Plastic Surgery."

While the headline on the cover of the new Us Weekly screams “Plastic Surgery Revenge,” Heidi told “Access” that a troubled body image led to her decision to undergo breast augmentation and a nose job. In fact, she revealed that she was shocked by the use of the word “revenge.” “It’s a headline and that’s what sells magazines,” Heidi conceded. “It’s not like, ‘Let’s get plastic surgery for fun.’ It was something that was really painful and tormenting for me throughout my life.”

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Big Brother Houseguests Paid $750 Per Week

The houseguests receive a stipend for each week they’re in the house, and also for the time they spend sequestered as part of the jury. Thus, the houseguests tend to be anxious to make it least to sequester; there, they get paid to just relax, not play a game or eat oatmeal “slop.” If they’re evicted earlier, they don’t get that additional jury-duty pay.

This season, Jen confirmed that the stipend was $750 per week when she was considering refusing to go to the sequester house, and that’s been the standard stipend for nearly every season (for last year’s all-star season, the stipend was reported to have increased to $4,000 per week).

A jury member for Big Brother 8 would be in the house for 81 days as of Tuesday, the live finale. That’s 11.5 weeks, not including the time they spent sequestered before the series began. So, jury members would receive somewhere around $9,000 for their work, plus any prizes. America’s Player, Eric, earned $40,000 performing his tasks, for example, while Dustin took $5,000 during a competition. And, of course, there are the prizes: $500,000 for the winner, Dick, and $25,000 for the runner-up, Daniele.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Bachelor Starts Tonight

Don't forget that The Bachelor starts tonight.

Bachelor Andy Baldwin Moves on from Tessa Horst

The Bachelor's Andy Baldwin has moved on quickly after breaking up with winner Tessa Horst.

Survivor Johnnie Fairplay and Girlfriend Expecting Baby

Survivor's Jon Dalton, also known as Jonny Fairplay, and his girlfriend, Michelle Deighton from America's Next Top Model, are expecting a baby.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Wall Street Journal Column on Kid Nation

The Wall Street Journal has a column on Kid Nation:
Let's start with the parents who dragged their little darlings into audition rooms in the first place and signed the yard-long contracts on their behalf. These "guardians" are now complaining about everything from too little oversight (resulting in at least one child drinking bleach) to too much oversight (some of the youngsters were reportedly fed scripted lines). Don't be surprised, though, if they hire a lawyer and start shaking down the network for some postcontractual compensation.

The whole controversy has been manna to one group, however--the Screen Actors Guild, which has been looking for an opportunity to clamp down on reality shows, in which nonunion amateurs are said to be stealing from the mouths of Hollywood's professional starving waiters. It's true that the $5,000 stipend paid to each child, which works out to less than $9 an hour, isn't exactly Dakota Fanning cash. But it's more than most 16-year-olds make from their summer jobs.

Reality TV has long been the nemesis of the unions, whose power depended on an entertainment oligopoly that itself is rapidly being blown up by the Internet, YouTube and the like. But if they want to know why shows like "Kid Nation" that at least attempt a family-friendly premise are catching on, here's a clue: A study from the Parents Television Council reported this week that sexual and violent content has climbed to record levels during traditional family programming time, but the most wholesome fare was the reality shows.

Nonetheless, the response to "Kid Nation" is unsurprising in a culture that increasingly tries to protect kids (and not just kids) from everything, including secondhand smoke and sugary bottled juices. The one thing you can't protect kids from is themselves. As the saying goes, kids are people too--with all the mischief included. If that ends up being the lesson of "Kid Nation," it might actually be a useful one.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fall Reality TV Show Preview

Andy Dehnart has a preview of the fall reality tv shows. Click the link for the latest on Survivor, Kid Nation, The Bachelor, Nashville, The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser, Beauty and the Geek 3, America's Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars, Kitchen Nightmares, The Search for the Next Great American Band, Oprah's Big Give, Supernanny, Wife Swap, Extreme Home Makeover, and something called Farmer Wants a Wife.

Big Brother 8: Jessica and Jameka on the Block

Eric spent most of last night's episode moping about Jessica's possible eviction. He feels responsible for not taking Zach out last week, as Jessica wanted to do. He's nearly in tears for most of the episode. Jessica makes it clear to Eric that she's irritated with him.

Daniele and Evel Dick have another argument, this time over her occupation as a waitress. Jessica told a story about when she was young she was asked what she wanted to do when she was grown up, and her response was either President of the United States or a waitress. Dick made a joke equating that with a choice between being President or being a stripper. Daniele gave E.D. some attitude over that one.

Dick showed the old guy still has some game when Janelle from seasons 6 and 7 returned to the house for the Golden Power of Veto competition. He flirted her up big time. Janelle said that Dick smells good. I wouldn't think a chain smoking slob like him would smell good. Daniele wins POV (what else is new?) and in the end decides not to use it, keeping Zach's original choices of Jessica and Jameka on the block.

Thursday night is a special double eviction episode. Expect the unexpected.