Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Big Brother 8: Jessica and Jameka on the Block

Eric spent most of last night's episode moping about Jessica's possible eviction. He feels responsible for not taking Zach out last week, as Jessica wanted to do. He's nearly in tears for most of the episode. Jessica makes it clear to Eric that she's irritated with him.

Daniele and Evel Dick have another argument, this time over her occupation as a waitress. Jessica told a story about when she was young she was asked what she wanted to do when she was grown up, and her response was either President of the United States or a waitress. Dick made a joke equating that with a choice between being President or being a stripper. Daniele gave E.D. some attitude over that one.

Dick showed the old guy still has some game when Janelle from seasons 6 and 7 returned to the house for the Golden Power of Veto competition. He flirted her up big time. Janelle said that Dick smells good. I wouldn't think a chain smoking slob like him would smell good. Daniele wins POV (what else is new?) and in the end decides not to use it, keeping Zach's original choices of Jessica and Jameka on the block.

Thursday night is a special double eviction episode. Expect the unexpected.

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