Thursday, December 28, 2006

twentyfourseven: The Prom Kings; Lorenzo Lamas

On twentyfourseven, Chris, the loser leader of the Prom Kings, was in jail, and we find out that while driving under the influence, he challenged some people in another car to a fight and could have been seriously injured or killed. His brother Greg flew home to Arkansas to bail him out and take him to their parents' home. Greg made all of the arrangements with Chris' lawyer while Chris sat around looking pensive. Eventually, the lawyer worked out a plea where Chris does some community service but no jail time. Their father is a baptist minister, and their mother is deeply religious.

Back in Los Angeles, Frankie invites the others to a porno girl pool party. The party seems tame for what I expected a party for adult film stars to be. Whitman sat down away from the action next to a girl named Shayne. He tried to throw out his rap with her about how he didn't want to go to the party with the porno girls but that his friends made him go. She seemed to buy it. When Greg and Cris return, the rest of the gang throws a party to celebrate Chris' freedom.

On the next episode, the Prom Kings is falling apart. Half the band quit when Chris failed to show up for their gig because he was in the slammer. I assume if the Prom Kings had anything going for it, the band members wouldn't want to quit. Greg has a meeting set up with the head of Geffen Records, and Chris tells everyone else to get him two new band members asap while he takes a nap. I don't understand the dynamic here where Chris is too cool for school and has his brother and all his friends bailing him out of problems all the time while he is a jerk about it. They are all so indulgent and enabling towards him.

Frankie thought he was going to promote the hot new club in town, but it turns out that she first wanted him to promote the Lobby, an existing club. Frankie seems disappointed but starts dialing everyone in his cell phone to tell them to come. On the night of the event, he calls everyone frantically when nobody is there on time.

Whitman meets with Shayne and her father, the great Lorenzo Lamas of The Renegade. This is awesome. Whitman tells Lorenzo he met Shayne at a porno party. When asked what he is going to do with Shayne that night, he says, "You know, party." Lorenzo makes a great wisecrack about Shayne and Whitman using the same beauty parlor because Whitman has that goofy peroxide blonde hair. There are some awkward moments between the two. The best was when Whitman tells Lorenzo that he loved The Renegade. Lorenzo asks him what he liked about the show, and all Whitman can say in response is that he liked the action. He obviously has no clue what The Renegade is and who Lorenzo Lamas is. For those who don't know, he played Reno Raines, who was a cop and was good at his job, but he committed the ultimate sin and testified against other cops gone bad, cops who tried to kill him but got the woman he loved instead; framed for murder, now he prowls the badlands, an outlaw hunting outlaws, a bounty hunter, a Renegade.

Meanwhile, the Prom Kings has its new members and performs for the record label guys, and a meeting is set up. The party at Frankie's club finally fills up with people, and the guys have a good time. Whitman and Ty are waiting for their dates, who never show up. At home later that night, Chris calls Whitman to let him know he saw Shayne out partying with another guy and sitting on the other guy's lap.

Sorry I'm still an episode behind. I'll watch last night's episode on DVR asap and update everyone.

Real World: Jenn and Brooke Melt Down

On the Real World Denver, two weeks ago Jenn had a few too many and had a major meltdown fight with Tyrie. She constantly said that Tyrie reminded her so much of her old boyfriend and that that made her dislike him.

Last night, it was Brooke's turn to have a meltdown. She went to have her nails done and could not find the salon. Has she never heard of Mapquest? She was walking around by herself in a slutty outfit trying to find the salon. It appeared that she was in a decent but not the greatest part of town, certainly not skid row. Given the way she was dressed, someone made a catcall to her that she didn't care for. When she returned to the house, she said she had been to the ghetto. Tyrie made a joking comment about her use of the term "ghetto," and she flew off the handle, calling her mother and wailing into the phone about how she is living through hell. Those trips to the manicure and pedicure lady sure can be traumatic. Poor girl. She also whined about how she is paying $725 a month on her apartment in California. Her mom corrected her, saying she only pays $475. Brooke responded by saying it's $725 if you include utilities, to which her mom responded by saying that the mom is paying the utilities for her. Brooke's response was to tell her mom to throw her a bone because she was trying to make a point. Colie came down with mono. Who knows what other diseases she may have.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Interview with Yul Kwon

In this interview, Survivor's Yul Kwon denies being a puppet master and talks about the non-issue of returning Jonathan's hat to him.

Bill Rancic Engaged to E!'s Giuliana DePandi

Former Apprentice winner Bill Rancic is engaged to E! TV's Giuliana DePandi.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Apprentice Losers Irritated over Trump's Miss USA Decision

Some past losers from The Apprentice, i.e., Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, seeking to extend their 15 minutes, are irritated that Donald Trump has given Miss USA a second chance for being a party girl, which is a no-no for pageant winners. Tara Conner, Miss USA, is accused of, among other things, cocaine use, promiscuity, binge drinking and lesbianism.

Dwight Schrute Visits Scranton

Dwight Schrute a/k/a Rainn Wilson of The Office made an appearance in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Michael Jackson Reality Show

Michael Jackson, desperate for cash, is trying to pitch a reality tv show on which he will sell his Neverland Ranch.

Survivor Winner Richard Hatch is in Prison

Story here.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Hills

LC is Back! The new season of The Hills premiers 1/15. Aren't you glad I told you?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Oprah Jumps on the Reality TV Bandwagon

Oprah Winfrey has jumped on the reality tv bandwagon and will produce and appear in reality tv shows via her Harpo Productions.

Yul Wins Survivor

Last night, Yul Kwon won Survivor. On Thursday's show, Ozzy Lusth won immunity. Parvati nuded up in a hot tub with him to try to flirt her way to the final five, to no avail. She was voted off.

On Sunday, Ozzy won immunity again, and Adam was voted off. Then, in the final four (Yul, Ozzy, Sundra and Becky), Ozzy won immunity again. The group decided to vote two for Sundra and two for Becky. A tie is broken by a fire making contest. Neither could start fire with flint and steel. Sundra could not start a fire with matches. Becky took forever but finally started the fire with matches and went to the final three.

Becky was seen as a follower, so she had no chance of winning. The jury focused their decision on a choice between Yul's puppet master strategic ability versus Ozzy's physical challenge ability. In the end, Yul won by one vote.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mia Sends Herself Home on Top Chef

The judges were dumbfounded as Mia declared that she should go home rather than Elia on Top Chef.

Rolling Stone Reality Show

Rolling Stone magazine plans a reality tv show called I'm From Rolling Stone that features six would-be journalists trying to earn a job with the magazine.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tyrie Hits on Two Girls

On the Real World Denver, Tyrie hit on two girls, Ashley and Jazelle. He seemed to prefer Jazelle and spent most of the episode with her. The group went out on June 6, 2006, and Brooke and Jenn dressed as sluts and Davis put on eye makeup and a Zorro mask. They seemed surprised when nobody else in the bar was dressed up. For some reason, Colie was not with them.

The O.C. is on the Upswing Thanks to Taylor

Fox's decision to air The O.C. in its current Thursday night time slot is a poor one, but it is still managing to attract more interest, I assume because viewers prefer Taylor over Marissa.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Erik is the Biggest Loser

Erik lost an incredible amount of weight to beat out Kai, Wylie and Heather on The Biggest Loser.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The O.C. - Ryan and Taylor Hook Up

The O.C. begins with Ryan dreaming about Taylor in a cheesy way. Seth flies to Rhode Island to see Summer, but she has been kicked out of Brown and flies back to O.C. at the same time. Seth decides to put a little smack down on Che, "Ryan style," while he's there but can't find him. Che shows up at Summer's dad's house (he has moved to Seattle and has presumably been written off the show to save money) and pleads for Summer's for selling her out to the Dean at Brown. She declines, so he handcuffs himself to her.

Kiki tries to be Ryan's substitute Seth, talking about Ryan and Taylor. Ryan has some more dreams about Taylor dancing as if she were in a cheesy 80s MTV video. Ryan asks Taylor out on a date but chickens out of kissing her, saying he can't do this. In response, she hires a gay guy to try to make Ryan jealous.

Kaitlin goes to a water polo game and tells everyone she's throwing a party on the same night the school's popular girl is hosting a party. Kaitlin's party turns out to be the place to be. Kaitlin takes the popular girl's boyfriend into the closet for a makeout session, but he turns out to be gay. Later, Ryan finds him in bed with the popular girl's boyfriend at the party. Ryan and Taylor make out in the closet.

Che's chauffeur comes to pick him up. He is a limousine liberal.

Kiki and Julie Cooper Nichol's dating service is turned into a gigolo service.

Real World Producer Interviewed about Last Week's Fight

Real World producer Jon Murray talks about the smack down fight between Tyrie and Davis on The Real World Denver.

Armed & Famous Paying Criminals to Show Likeness on Show

Armed & Famous, the reality show featuring D-list celebrities sworn in as cops in Muncie, Indiana, is paying criminals for the right to show their faces on the show.

Survivor Update

Update on Survivor and reaction to the three finalists/nine jurors format.

Nicole Ritchie Arrested for DUI

Nicole Ritchie was arrested for DUI and admitted to the police that she smoked marijuana and took Vicodin. Memo to Nicole: Next time the police pull you over, you have the right not to incriminate yourself.

Orange County Worried that The O.C. Will Go Off the Air

Orange County, California is worried that The O.C. will go off the air. It doesn't want to suffer the same fate that Beverly Hills did when the Peach Pit After Dark closed.

Amazing Race Update

Update on The Amazing Race. Next season is an all-star edition.

D-List Celebrities Sworn in as Cops in Indiana

Muncie, Indiana has sworn in a group of D-list celebrities as cops as part of the reality tv show Armed and Famous. Stars of the show include Eric Estrada, who I am shocked to report admits to wearing a toupee, Jack Osbourne, La Toya Jackson, midget Wee Man and WWE wrestler Trish Status.

Fergie Joins Dancing with the Stars

Former British Royal Fergie, a/k/a Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York, will be on Dancing with the Stars.

Inside Tori Spelling's Yard Sale

Beverly Hills 90210 alumn Tori Spelling had a yard sale over the weekend for her So NoTORIous reality show.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jonathan Voted Off Survivor

On Survivor, the reward challenge involved the cast's family members. Parvati and her father won, and her father chose Adam and his dad and Sundra and her mom to go for a field trip. While they were gone, Ozzy, Yul and Becky decided to hide food from the others to make them weaker and to punish them for not helping provide for the tribe. However, they ditched that strategy when the three returned from the reward with a lot of food for the rest of them. Jonathan wore out his welcome this week, and the tribe voted him out at tribal council.

Losing Team on The Apprentice to Sleep in Tents

On the next season of Donald Trump's The Apprentice, the losing team each week will have to camp outside the mansion (it is being filmed in Los Angeles instead of New York) , sleeping in tents and using outdoor showers and portable toilets. Winning project managers will participate in the board room sessions for the losing team, advising Mr. Trump on whom to fire.

Tyler and James Win The Amazing Race

Tyler and James won The Amazing Race.

Jennifer Cheating on The Bachelor?

Reports say Jennifer Wilson is cheating on The Bachelor's Prince Lorenzo Borghese, dating another teacher named Dan Herrero at the school where she teaches.

Hasselhoff's Kids in Reality Show

Baywatch's David Hasselhoff is starring in The Producers in Las Vegas, and while there, his children Taylor Ann (age 16) and Hayley (age 14) will have their own reality show named Hoff Broadway. I am not making this up.

Survivor Filming in Fiji During Coup

Military leaders in Fiji have staged a coup while the Survivor crew is there filming next season's edition. Jeff Probst reports that they are on an island 30 minutes from where the coup took place and that they are safe.

Danny Bonaduce Drinking Again

On Breaking Bonaduce, Danny spent a lot of time talking about his father, who not surprisingly had a temper. Gretchen's band is going to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe. Last season when she performed there, Danny was taking "mountains of drugs and booze" and for some unexplained reason was enraged and dragged her lead singer off the stage during the gig. This time around, he did not fight anyone, but he fell off the wagon and kept chugging booze but denied it when Gretchen asked him about it. The producers made him accept a ride home, and he agreed as long as it was off-camera, not realizing that a car trailing his could pick up the audio. Have these reality TV people learned nothing from the hidden microphones in the bed headboards and other tricks on The Real World?

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Save The O.C.

Seems unnecessary, but Fox has a "Save The O.C." page on its website.

Rock of Love -- New Reality Show

VH1 will air Rock of Love, featuring twenty bachelorettes living together in a house in Hollywood and seeking to date a "famous, sexy, bad boy rocker" from the 90s.

twentyfourseven Update

MTV's twentyfourseven premiered this week. It follows seven young guys in Los Angeles. MTV bills all of them as budding stars in their respective fields, i.e., entrepreneur, rock star, club promoter, musician, film maker, actor and record producer, but they all seem like losers to me.

The first episode revolved around one of them opening a new nightclub. Their promotion consisted of the guys calling their friends and asking them to come to the opening, except for smooth guy Frankie who walked around the streets inviting girls to the club.

Everyone was promising an open bar, but apparently, the money man behind the club did not approve that. Greg met with him to try to smooth things over and win approval for the open bar, and the investor approved the idea after Frankie showed up with a couple of hot girls with him. This scene was reminiscent of Rocco DiSpirito's meetings with Jeffrey Chodorow on The Restaurant, only these MTV guys make Rocco look like a rocket scientist.

About 48 hours before the opening, the lead singer of the Prom Kings, the group that was to open the club, decided he needed to go on an out of state hunting trip. He never made it to the opening because he was arrested. We still do not know why. He called his brother at the opening crying for their mom and dad to bail him out. Sounds like a drug bust to me.

Survivor Richard Hatch Appeals His Tax Cheating Conviction

Survivor winner Richard Hatch has appealed his conviction for cheating on his taxes, sticking to his goofy story that he caught the producers smuggling food to other contestants on the show and that they bought his silence by agreeing to pay the taxes on his million dollar winnings. Couldn't he have come up with a more convincing lie than that?

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Real World: Tyrie and Davis' Drunken Fight

On the Real World Denver, the cast members were out at a bar, and Davis left early to go home and call his boyfriend. The boyfriend warned Davis not to drink too much. When the rest of the group came home, Tyrie went nuts on Davis in the hot tub. Apparently, the bartender called Stephen the N word, and Tyrie assumed that Davis had heard the remark and nevertheless left the bar.

Tyrie did not seem upset at all with the bartender who uttered the slur, and he did not try to go back to the bar to confront the alleged racist. Instead, he blamed everything on Davis despite the fact that Davis may not have even heard anything. Of course, had he heard anything, he was so drunk that it probably would not have registered in his brain anyway.

At first, Davis was so drunk that he just had a silly grin on his face in response to Tyrie's outburst. After being repeatedly harassed by Tyrie, Davis started to yell back, telling Tyrie to hit him so Tyrie would be sent home. The yelling went on for much of the episode.

Colie would occasionally interject herself into the argument to take Tyrie's side and blame everything on Davis. Given that the focus of the incident was on alleged hate speech, it is ironic that nobody seemed to bat an eye at Tyrie's anti-gay tirade.

Eventually, MTV's producers stepped in to try to prevent things from escalating and took Davis to a hotel room for the night. The next day, in true Real World fashion, everyone hugged and made up. Davis apologized and said he has a drinking problem, to which Alex responded by saying he just needs to go out more, presumably so he can build up his tolerance so he can drink more.

My description of this fight does not do it justice. Nearly every Real World episode has stupid fights, but this one takes the cake. It has to be a new low, even by Real World standards. The shallowness of the Real World cast members is mind-boggling. Here you have people who are wildly concerned not with their own actions but with any hint of perceived disrespect to them by others, yet after they have the ugliest fights imaginable, the next day everything is fine and dandy. I could not imagine the Real World casting crew finding any more shallow, self-absorbed people than they do season after season. Which is, of course, why we watch the show.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Real World Denver

Big stuff went down. I wasn't ready for it. Colie is going to end up doing Tyree. More tomorrow. Check in.


all around bad. bad. bad. bad.

stay tuned for a post from j. he's still watching it.

but atleast we're all cool because we're only using lowercase letters. that's why i watched it because j thought it was going to be hip...turns out he deduced that because it was in all lowercase letters.

Twentyfourseven on MTV

Twentyfourseven is a new reality show on MTV. I have NO idea what it's about and MTV's website is too hyper for me to get any info on it. So check it out with me after the Real World. It could totally suck but odds are it's going to be good.

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody Split Up

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody, i.e., Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts on The O.C., have split up.

Tori Spelling to Write Tell-All Memoir

Donna Martin Tori Spelling of Beverly Hills 90210 fame will write a tell-all memoir.

Candice: No Off-Island Romance with Adam

Candice from Survivor says she and Adam are just friends and that there is "nothing off the island."

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Amazing Race-Bama Girls

Yeah You Rite!!! I was so excited that the Bama girls not only beat the bitchy blondes but that they came in 2nd. I was worried for awhile because they started to fight with each other and I thought that was only going to bring them down. But they made it to the final three.

Rob became all weepy when they came in to the pit stop. I think he is finally realizing how much he loves Kimberly. Kind of cute.

I hope more than anything Bama will win. I really can't predict who it will be. They will never win a foot race if it's neck and neck. I can only count on their sense of direction to pull them through.

The O.C.: Ryan and Taylor?

On The O.C., Ryan has been having trouble sleeping. The next morning, Taylor shows up at the Cohen house wearing a black dress to thank Chino for helping her escape her marriage to Frenchie. She returns to the main house and tells Sandy, Kirsten and Seth that Ryan is funny, and they seem shocked. Julie Cooper Nichol wakes up at Dr. Roberts' house with her personal trainer, who tries to sneak out of the house but runs into Kaitlin. Taylor visits Seth at the comic book shop and finds out about Ryan's insomnia. Kaitlin and Julie fancy the same young tennis instructor. At Brown, Summer and loser friend Che wear janitor outfits to break into the science lab and free the animals. Taylor calls Ryan in the middle of the night and arranges a meeting early the next morning at the diner. There, she says his insomnia is related to Volchok. Kiki's dating service is having some financial problems, so of course Sandy has a golf game already planned with someone who may be able to help. The part of the rich guy is played by the same guy who had a similar role on Will & Grace. Long story short, he invests in the dating business. Che sells out Summer with the administration for freeing the bunnies. In the end, Taylor asks Ryan for one kiss, kisses him and leaves. After she leaves, Chino says "whoa" and is then able to fall asleep.

Apprentice 6 Moves to L.A.

The Apprentice 6 will shoot in Los Angeles rather than New York and air on Sunday nights. Joining Donald Trump in the board room will be his daughter Ivanka Trump and son Donald Trump, Jr. George and Carolyn will not be part of the show.

Survivor Update

Do these cast mates not remember past Survivor auctions? They were each given $500 and the ability to bid on items such as food and mystery items. Jonathan was aggressive, winning a hot dog and pizza. Many of the others sat back and never upped their bids very much and were left with nothing when the auction ended, yet they still bad-mouthed Jonathan for being so aggressive. I think they were all holdinig back waiting for some super item to be available, thinking that the auction would continue until everyone had spent their $500. I am not sure why Yul showed the hidden immunity idol he found on exile island. Some of the less bright cast members still didn't seem to think he had it. Adam isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, so it was surprising that he won the math-oriented immunity challenge. Parvati still had not seen a fish being gutted until this episode. Jonathan called her a "lazy, selfish girl." Host Jeff Probst had a great line when snuffing out Candice's torch, saying about Adam, "Maybe if it were love, he'd be giving you the immunity necklace." Adam has already hit on Parvati once; we'll see if he does it again now that Candice is gone.

Beauty and the Geek's New Season

Beauty and the Geek starts its new season on Jan. 3. The cast includes a trekkie, a guy in a Star Wars band and a comic book nerd. More details here.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Candice Voted Off Survivor

The tribe voted off Candice Woodcock on Survivor last night. The main controversy stemmed from the five who do all the work deciding to eat all the fish that they caught and cooked while Candice, Adam and Parvati cuddled and slept. The three were upset that the others did not share, and Candice made a big stink about it. Jonathan squeaked by again, despite being disliked by the whole tribe. He has more personality than the others, annoying though it is, so I hope he stays on the island a while longer.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels - Second Season

A&E has ordered a second season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels starring Kiss rocker Gene Simmons, his non-wife Shannon Tweed and their children Nick and Sophie.

Nate from Survivor on Jonathan, "Nancy Boy" and Parvati

Survivor's Nathan "Nate" Gonzalez talks about Jonathan, "nancy boy" Brad and Parvati in this interview.

The Bachelor: Lorenzo and Jen Speak

In post-finale interviews, Prince Lorenzo Borghese and Jennifer Wilson say they are still together. Reading between the lines, it sounds like they have already broken up. They live apart, and their answers to questions seem forced and not credible.

Biggest Loser Coming Back For Season Four

The Biggest Loser is casting for Season Four.

New Reality Series in Las Vegas

"Paradise City" will take place in Las Vegas and follow people trying to make it big on the strip. It will premiere next spring.

Introducing the Next Bachelor

Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin is the next Bachelor. Read all about him here.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Real World Denver: Study in Alex and Colie

So Colie finds out that Jen did Alex. But they both decided they they loooove each other and that their friendship is much stronger than either of their relationship with a guy. I mean, come on, Colie is going to be in Jen's wedding! That's what she said. Jen was so upset, I think more worried about getting caught than anything and she probably wouldn't have told Colie about the hot sex in the guest room. But then Colie saw the hickey on Jen's neck while she was showering. Yeah, girls do that, watch each other take a shower. Just like when we have slumber parties and have naked pillow fights, right. Anyway, they bonded over this issue. Alex and Colie talked it out. and I don't think Colie wants to be the desperate girl on the show. ( I like her better now) It's just that she likes Alex. So they talked and made a pact. Not to hook up with anyone the next day. Gosh, that's a committment. It was hilarious though. Alex took it back the next day.

I like the Tennesse girl. Colie, Jen and the TN girl went out. Colie picked up Nick, a dude in a bar. Brought him back to the house to make Alex jealous. It worked.

Nick told the TN girl that she didn't like him. TN girl said she liked him as long as he didn't F Colie. I like TN girl. She's a girl's girl. She has Colie's back and I kind of feel sad for her that's she's the third wheel. I hope Jen atleast asks her to read in her wedding. But seriously. I like her, she seems normal. Or seemed normal this time.

Poor Colie, just wants a boyfriend and Alex is really the only option for her. That's what she said.

Oh, one more thing. Check out this link. It gives 5 reasons why you're too old too be watching Real World.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Danny Bonaduce's Meltdown in the Guest Room

On Breaking Bonaduce, Danny Partridge Bonaduce threw a tantrum in the guest room, whining and singing a song calling Gretchen a whore. Then, when babysitting for his children and a friend's children, he had them shoot him with a plastic pellet gun. He then wrapped the dog up in bacon and took the dog and the kids for a walk in the dark to see if the baited dog would attract coyotes. I don't think he'll be receiving a Christmas card from PETA this year. Later, Danny and Gretchen go out to eat and Danny tries to talk to her through the glass window as she sits at their table by the window while he is outside smoking. At the end, Gretchen shuts the cameras out of the guest room (though their microphones are still on) as she talks to Danny and invites him back into the master bedroom. She is as big a mess as he is.

2007 Amazing Race Will Be All-Star Cast

Rob and Amber and other all-stars will be back on The Amazing Race in 2007. Unfortunately, Jonathan and Victoria will not participate.

Dumb Reality Show Idea

I'm a big fan of reality tv, hence this website, but this idea is absurd. Muncie, Indiana may have celebrities join its police force this winter for a reality show. The celebrities will carry guns after first passing psychological and physical tests and undergoing 40 hours of training. Celebrity cops may include Erik Estrada, Jack Osbourne, former Minnesota Governor and professional wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura, "Jackass" dwarf Jason "Wee Man" Acuna and former professional wrestler Trish Stratus. The Mayor says that producers have agreed not to portray the town as "backwater," adding that "if done right, and they maintain the integrity of the profession, this is a good thing." Memo to the Mayor: Hiring dwarfs, wrestlers and has-been actors for your police force will in no way maintain the integrity of the profession.

Danny Bonaduce Moves Into the Guest Room

Pardon me for being an episode behind with Breaking Bonaduce. Gretchen has allowed Danny to move back into the house, but only into the guest bedroom on a trial basis. Once in the house, he proceeds to xerox copy his penis with his son, and Gretchen says it looks like a turkey's neck. Danny burps a lot at dinner and becomes upset when his kids say he is soft. In response, he decides that he needs to spar with a real boxer, who proceeds to beat the crap out of him. Danny repeatedly refers to his house as a mansion, complaining that he has a mansion but only lives in a tiny guest room (it really is small). He meets with his pastor over lunch and repeatedly is shown reading the Bible. When therapist Dr. Garry asks Danny what may happen if he has to stay in the guest room for too long, he responds, "Girls, and then booze, and then drugs, and then violence. I think my life would come back."

Monday, November 27, 2006

My fault for searching

the web. While surfing for more up to date opinions on the Bachelor, Studio 60 was ruined for me. I won't ruin it for you.

It's not going to last. Jen and Lorenzo. She's not Princess material. I mean come on. Like he's really a Prince. They seemed to all fall for it hook, line and sinker. Pitiful and redneckish. I expected more from Sadie.

Do you think Father Prince Borghese's accent was real? Nope.

The mom was a bit coocoo with the Palm Reading. But I do have to say, I'm a Pisces too-so I felt a bond with Jen and Sadie:)!

The Bachelor and the Virgin

I searched blogs to see who else is blogging about the Bachelor. I thought Michael, whoever he is, made a good point.

The Bachelor

SHOOOOOOCKED!!! I am floored. I was soooo wrong. How can I be so wrong?!?
Fine. If Lorenzo wants to spend the rest of his life with that girl and THAT VOICE! He made a big mistake.

My fellow blogger agreed with me. That Lorenzo was going to pick Sadie, but he said he wasn't shocked that he didn't. Whatever.

The Bachelor in 2007-what a tool. They all are, aren't they? I believe his exact words were "Gosh darn it"... he hopes he finds a wife or something like that.

Gosh Darn it, I never saw a bigger tool.

The Bachelor in Rome-Season Finale!!!

Get your wine ready and put your feet up. I bet you a year's subscription to NOLAMom that Lorenzo picks Sadie!!! Okay, NOLAMom is free but I still bet you.

Nate Voted Out on Survivor

Jonathan turned his back on his tribe again, swinging to the Raro tribe to vote out Nate. Yul showed Jonathan the hidden immunity idol, and Jonathan anticipated that if Aitu voted for Yul, he would play the idol and Jonathan would be the person with the next most votes and would be sent home. Nate, who is funny (both intentionally and unintentionally), responded to the surprise by calling Jonathan a "dirty, stanky, whack fruitcake." Adam continued to romance Candice, though he also hit on Parvati. He had a little too much to drink on the boat and threw up over the side.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Real World Denver: Good Stuff

I am waiting anxiously for Wednesday to come around again. I thought the premiere was good stuff and if it says anything about what the rest of the season will be like, it will be HOT.

Colie: At first I didn't like her but she grew on me throughout the show. Sometimes she's pretty, sometimes she's not but I think it's the voice that makes her come across as unattractive at times-nasally and whiny and kind of manly. I hope she doesn't turn into a Trishelle-needy and desperate. Although Trishelle will always be one of my favorites, I don't feel like revisiting her inadequacies.

The Southern Girl: Same thing, sometimes she looks great, others she comes across as kind of cheesy. I'm still not sure where she is going to fit into the picture.

African American Baptist: Reminds me of a boring Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bellaire. I am so over the "I don't believe in the homosexual lifestyle" scenario. Seen it all before.

Trampy Chick: She's going to be good for the show and the ratings. Instigating lesbian makeouts and what not.

Alex: Don't really find him very attractive.

Blond Baptist Gay Boy: Love him. He's the cutest one on the show and he's definitely fit.

Big African American Guy: He will hookup with someone in the house whether they want to believe it or not.

Can't wait to find out what other reality tv bloggers think of the group on the attractiveness scale. I wasn't impressed and I don't think there will be any in house love relationships other than the occasional hookups.

Interview with The Real World Producer

Forbes has an interesting interview with Jon Murray, producer of The Real World.

Real World Denver Premiere

The Real World Denver cast seems to be following the Las Vegas cast's formula of intracast hooking up. In the first episode, Alex made out with Colie, Brooke made out with Jenn, Alex made out with Colie and Jenn together, and Alex had sex with Jenn. The first episode was full of cast members gushing about how great of friends they had become in the space of a few short hours. Shortly thereafter, Colie told Alex to come to her bed for a hookup in ten minutes. In response, he asked for twenty minutes but got sidetracked from that and his pizza in the oven when he opted to do Jenn instead. It was quite a first 48 hours in the house. Tyrie flirted with Brooke but had no success. Stephen does not approve of Davis' homosexuality, which was interesting because it is the first time I recall two Real World cast members having a discussion about the Bible.