Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The O.C. - Ryan and Taylor Hook Up

The O.C. begins with Ryan dreaming about Taylor in a cheesy way. Seth flies to Rhode Island to see Summer, but she has been kicked out of Brown and flies back to O.C. at the same time. Seth decides to put a little smack down on Che, "Ryan style," while he's there but can't find him. Che shows up at Summer's dad's house (he has moved to Seattle and has presumably been written off the show to save money) and pleads for Summer's for selling her out to the Dean at Brown. She declines, so he handcuffs himself to her.

Kiki tries to be Ryan's substitute Seth, talking about Ryan and Taylor. Ryan has some more dreams about Taylor dancing as if she were in a cheesy 80s MTV video. Ryan asks Taylor out on a date but chickens out of kissing her, saying he can't do this. In response, she hires a gay guy to try to make Ryan jealous.

Kaitlin goes to a water polo game and tells everyone she's throwing a party on the same night the school's popular girl is hosting a party. Kaitlin's party turns out to be the place to be. Kaitlin takes the popular girl's boyfriend into the closet for a makeout session, but he turns out to be gay. Later, Ryan finds him in bed with the popular girl's boyfriend at the party. Ryan and Taylor make out in the closet.

Che's chauffeur comes to pick him up. He is a limousine liberal.

Kiki and Julie Cooper Nichol's dating service is turned into a gigolo service.

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