Saturday, December 9, 2006

twentyfourseven Update

MTV's twentyfourseven premiered this week. It follows seven young guys in Los Angeles. MTV bills all of them as budding stars in their respective fields, i.e., entrepreneur, rock star, club promoter, musician, film maker, actor and record producer, but they all seem like losers to me.

The first episode revolved around one of them opening a new nightclub. Their promotion consisted of the guys calling their friends and asking them to come to the opening, except for smooth guy Frankie who walked around the streets inviting girls to the club.

Everyone was promising an open bar, but apparently, the money man behind the club did not approve that. Greg met with him to try to smooth things over and win approval for the open bar, and the investor approved the idea after Frankie showed up with a couple of hot girls with him. This scene was reminiscent of Rocco DiSpirito's meetings with Jeffrey Chodorow on The Restaurant, only these MTV guys make Rocco look like a rocket scientist.

About 48 hours before the opening, the lead singer of the Prom Kings, the group that was to open the club, decided he needed to go on an out of state hunting trip. He never made it to the opening because he was arrested. We still do not know why. He called his brother at the opening crying for their mom and dad to bail him out. Sounds like a drug bust to me.

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