Sunday, December 3, 2006

The O.C.: Ryan and Taylor?

On The O.C., Ryan has been having trouble sleeping. The next morning, Taylor shows up at the Cohen house wearing a black dress to thank Chino for helping her escape her marriage to Frenchie. She returns to the main house and tells Sandy, Kirsten and Seth that Ryan is funny, and they seem shocked. Julie Cooper Nichol wakes up at Dr. Roberts' house with her personal trainer, who tries to sneak out of the house but runs into Kaitlin. Taylor visits Seth at the comic book shop and finds out about Ryan's insomnia. Kaitlin and Julie fancy the same young tennis instructor. At Brown, Summer and loser friend Che wear janitor outfits to break into the science lab and free the animals. Taylor calls Ryan in the middle of the night and arranges a meeting early the next morning at the diner. There, she says his insomnia is related to Volchok. Kiki's dating service is having some financial problems, so of course Sandy has a golf game already planned with someone who may be able to help. The part of the rich guy is played by the same guy who had a similar role on Will & Grace. Long story short, he invests in the dating business. Che sells out Summer with the administration for freeing the bunnies. In the end, Taylor asks Ryan for one kiss, kisses him and leaves. After she leaves, Chino says "whoa" and is then able to fall asleep.

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