Sunday, December 10, 2006

Danny Bonaduce Drinking Again

On Breaking Bonaduce, Danny spent a lot of time talking about his father, who not surprisingly had a temper. Gretchen's band is going to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe. Last season when she performed there, Danny was taking "mountains of drugs and booze" and for some unexplained reason was enraged and dragged her lead singer off the stage during the gig. This time around, he did not fight anyone, but he fell off the wagon and kept chugging booze but denied it when Gretchen asked him about it. The producers made him accept a ride home, and he agreed as long as it was off-camera, not realizing that a car trailing his could pick up the audio. Have these reality TV people learned nothing from the hidden microphones in the bed headboards and other tricks on The Real World?

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