Thursday, December 28, 2006

twentyfourseven: The Prom Kings; Lorenzo Lamas

On twentyfourseven, Chris, the loser leader of the Prom Kings, was in jail, and we find out that while driving under the influence, he challenged some people in another car to a fight and could have been seriously injured or killed. His brother Greg flew home to Arkansas to bail him out and take him to their parents' home. Greg made all of the arrangements with Chris' lawyer while Chris sat around looking pensive. Eventually, the lawyer worked out a plea where Chris does some community service but no jail time. Their father is a baptist minister, and their mother is deeply religious.

Back in Los Angeles, Frankie invites the others to a porno girl pool party. The party seems tame for what I expected a party for adult film stars to be. Whitman sat down away from the action next to a girl named Shayne. He tried to throw out his rap with her about how he didn't want to go to the party with the porno girls but that his friends made him go. She seemed to buy it. When Greg and Cris return, the rest of the gang throws a party to celebrate Chris' freedom.

On the next episode, the Prom Kings is falling apart. Half the band quit when Chris failed to show up for their gig because he was in the slammer. I assume if the Prom Kings had anything going for it, the band members wouldn't want to quit. Greg has a meeting set up with the head of Geffen Records, and Chris tells everyone else to get him two new band members asap while he takes a nap. I don't understand the dynamic here where Chris is too cool for school and has his brother and all his friends bailing him out of problems all the time while he is a jerk about it. They are all so indulgent and enabling towards him.

Frankie thought he was going to promote the hot new club in town, but it turns out that she first wanted him to promote the Lobby, an existing club. Frankie seems disappointed but starts dialing everyone in his cell phone to tell them to come. On the night of the event, he calls everyone frantically when nobody is there on time.

Whitman meets with Shayne and her father, the great Lorenzo Lamas of The Renegade. This is awesome. Whitman tells Lorenzo he met Shayne at a porno party. When asked what he is going to do with Shayne that night, he says, "You know, party." Lorenzo makes a great wisecrack about Shayne and Whitman using the same beauty parlor because Whitman has that goofy peroxide blonde hair. There are some awkward moments between the two. The best was when Whitman tells Lorenzo that he loved The Renegade. Lorenzo asks him what he liked about the show, and all Whitman can say in response is that he liked the action. He obviously has no clue what The Renegade is and who Lorenzo Lamas is. For those who don't know, he played Reno Raines, who was a cop and was good at his job, but he committed the ultimate sin and testified against other cops gone bad, cops who tried to kill him but got the woman he loved instead; framed for murder, now he prowls the badlands, an outlaw hunting outlaws, a bounty hunter, a Renegade.

Meanwhile, the Prom Kings has its new members and performs for the record label guys, and a meeting is set up. The party at Frankie's club finally fills up with people, and the guys have a good time. Whitman and Ty are waiting for their dates, who never show up. At home later that night, Chris calls Whitman to let him know he saw Shayne out partying with another guy and sitting on the other guy's lap.

Sorry I'm still an episode behind. I'll watch last night's episode on DVR asap and update everyone.

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