Sunday, December 3, 2006

Survivor Update

Do these cast mates not remember past Survivor auctions? They were each given $500 and the ability to bid on items such as food and mystery items. Jonathan was aggressive, winning a hot dog and pizza. Many of the others sat back and never upped their bids very much and were left with nothing when the auction ended, yet they still bad-mouthed Jonathan for being so aggressive. I think they were all holdinig back waiting for some super item to be available, thinking that the auction would continue until everyone had spent their $500. I am not sure why Yul showed the hidden immunity idol he found on exile island. Some of the less bright cast members still didn't seem to think he had it. Adam isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, so it was surprising that he won the math-oriented immunity challenge. Parvati still had not seen a fish being gutted until this episode. Jonathan called her a "lazy, selfish girl." Host Jeff Probst had a great line when snuffing out Candice's torch, saying about Adam, "Maybe if it were love, he'd be giving you the immunity necklace." Adam has already hit on Parvati once; we'll see if he does it again now that Candice is gone.

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