Thursday, December 28, 2006

Real World: Jenn and Brooke Melt Down

On the Real World Denver, two weeks ago Jenn had a few too many and had a major meltdown fight with Tyrie. She constantly said that Tyrie reminded her so much of her old boyfriend and that that made her dislike him.

Last night, it was Brooke's turn to have a meltdown. She went to have her nails done and could not find the salon. Has she never heard of Mapquest? She was walking around by herself in a slutty outfit trying to find the salon. It appeared that she was in a decent but not the greatest part of town, certainly not skid row. Given the way she was dressed, someone made a catcall to her that she didn't care for. When she returned to the house, she said she had been to the ghetto. Tyrie made a joking comment about her use of the term "ghetto," and she flew off the handle, calling her mother and wailing into the phone about how she is living through hell. Those trips to the manicure and pedicure lady sure can be traumatic. Poor girl. She also whined about how she is paying $725 a month on her apartment in California. Her mom corrected her, saying she only pays $475. Brooke responded by saying it's $725 if you include utilities, to which her mom responded by saying that the mom is paying the utilities for her. Brooke's response was to tell her mom to throw her a bone because she was trying to make a point. Colie came down with mono. Who knows what other diseases she may have.

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