Friday, April 27, 2007

Hulk Hogan's Marriage on the Rocks?

Hulk Hogan may be a little rusty in the wrestling ring, but he can still slam with the best of 'em, with or without his spandex bodysuit. The bushy mustached wrestler is hitting back at reports that his 20-year-plus union to wife, Linda, is about to become the latest reality show casualty. According to the New York Post, the VH1 staples are "going through a very hard time" and have been tussling over, among other things, how best to raise their tan-orexic daughter Brooke." At one point, they were talking divorce," an insider tells the paper. "It's still precarious." Not so, says Hulk, who assures Us that all is well at home: "I'm happily married, and everything is cool."

Friday, April 20, 2007

Howard Stern Calls For Investigation on Sanjaya

Sanjaya was voted off American Idol, and Howard Stern has called for an investigation into alleged voting irregularities.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Bachelor Update

On the last episode of The Bachelor, An Officer and a Gentleman, Andy Baldwin had group dates with two groups of seven and an individual date with Stephanie, the strange and cocky first impression rose girl.

The first group date began with mechanical bull riding. Andy confided in the camera that all that bull riding was really turning him on. After the mechanical bull, he took the girls to try on new cocktail dresses, followed by a dip in the hot tub. All part of every guy's standard first date package. Bevin is this season's older, desperate girl (she claims to be 28, which means she's probably 33). She comes across as a little slutty too. She made out with Andy in the pool.

The next group date was a weird mini-triathlon at a hotel pool. Two of the more bimbo looking ones refused to get their platinum hair wet. The majority of these girls seem to have no athletic ability at all.

At the ladies' house, the girls watched the first impression rose girl try on slutty dresses. Then, she had her one on one date with Andy on the yacht where he stays. The evening ended with them making out in the yacht hot tub and him giving her another rose, making her safe from elimination this week.

At the rose ceremony, there weren't any big surprises, and none of the rejects melted down too badly.

Alton Brown Wins Peabody Award

Good Eats star Alton Brown has won a Peabody Award.

"Work Out" Faces the Death of One of its Trainers

The cast of Work Out faced the unfortunate death of one of its trainers, Doug Blasdell, on camera. Jackie Warner and the staff at Sky Sport & Spa are weird, and Doug seemed like one of the more normal trainers. The latest source of tension is Jackie's relationship with trainer and former The Amazing Race contestant Rebecca Cardon, who will do anything, including switching from straight to gay, for camera time.

Oprah Lets Us Feel Good While Watching Reality TV

Oprah Winfrey is seeking to cash in on the popularity of reality television by creating two new reality shows designed to make us feel good about ourselves.
Now she is developing two primetime reality series for ABC. The first one, "Oprah Winfrey's The Big Give," is a lightly competitive show in which contestants vie for the chance to do something really big for others. Sort of "Survivor" meets "Touched by an Angel." In the second series, tentatively titled "Your Money or Your Life," a family in trouble is swarmed with help--therapy help, decorator help, skin-care help, money help, you name it help--in a crash course of positive, do-gooder meddling that will result, it is hoped, in a happier, healthier family and a 22 share. It's sort of "Dr. Phil" meets "Extreme Makeover," with a little bit of the Iraq surge mentality mixed in. When Oprah does something, she does it big.

Only a fool would bet against the success of these shows. Oprah did not get immensely rich by accident. She knows what people like to watch. More important, she knows what people like to feel when they watch. We want to feel good, about ourselves and our neighbors.

Danny Bonaduce to Divorce

I did not see this coming. They seemed like such a normal, stable couple. Danny Bonaduce and wife Gretchen, stars of Breaking Bonaduce, are going to get a divorce.

Dunder Mifflin Letterhead

Fans of The Office can download their own Dunder Mifflin letterhead here.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

LC Denies Sex Tape

Lauren Conrad of The Hills denies making a sex tape with Jason Wahler.

Friday, April 6, 2007

The Hills Sex Tape Scandal

Which member of The Hills will be the first to have a sex tape surface? My money would be on Heidi, given her slimy boyfriend and lack of self-respect. Nope. It's Lauren Conrad, who made a sex tape with former boyfriend Jason Wahler that is about to be made public.

Real World Las Vegas Mini-Season

The entire Real World Las Vegas cast will move back into the same suite at The Palms for a mini-season. Filming will last about three weeks. Trishelle is taking time away from her busy movie career to join the rest of the cast.

The Hills Will Return for Season 3

The Hills, starring Lauren Conrad, will be back for a third season, according to MTV.

Apprentice Couple Still Together

Apprentice candidates Tim Urban and Nicole D'Ambrosio are still a couple, long after the tapiing of Donald Trump's show ended.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Bachelor Premiere

The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman began this week. How cheesy is that subtitle? Definitely not shooting to attract the male viewers with that.

Andy Baldwin has strange teeth and is a little awkward, not to mention that he drives a DeLorean or some such car with doors that open vertically, but he grows on you a bit as he drinks more and loosens up. The bachelorettes this season are nothing to write home about. Most of them are not that attractive, and a fair number of them are weird and/or slutty.

For some reason, the opening night cocktail party, where The Bachelor has a short time to narrow down the field, has turned into some sort of freakish drunken talent show. One girl, who admitted she wasn't that hot, decided that Andy might like to hear her sing the National Anthem. Another did gymnastics. One showed him her scars. The one with the really slutty dress wriggled on the floor dancing. And the one with the really big bug eyes who kept saying Andy was like her male mirror image did pushups with him before being axed. One of the many Southern girls had a few too many and fell off the couch.

One of the least attractive girls, Lindsay, walked off immediately after Andy didn't give her a rose and started mouthing off outside, saying Andy is short and has bad teeth. Classic.

The Sports Gal has her wrap-up here.

The Hills Finale

On the season finale of The Hills, Heidi Montag moved out of Lauren Conrad's apartment to move in with the manipulative loser Spencer Pratt. Brody Jenner was giving Spencer a hard time about moving in with Heidi, equating it with marriage, and Spencer said he'd still be a player and that Brody could call him on his separate "homeboy phone." He keeps one phone for girls to call and another for his homeboys. Heidi has lost all ability to think for herself, instead doing whatever Spencer tells her to do. Where are her friends and family to tell her to have some self-respect?

Heidi and Lauren are no longer friends. Heidi blew off the reunion show because a) Spencer wasn't invited to be on it and b) she had implants inserted instead. The MTV producers must be fools because it would make for great tv to have Spencer there. I'm sure he manipulated Heidi into not going, somehow blaming it on Lauren in the process.

Trump Wins Hair Match at Wrestlemania

One of the world’s most famous ’do’s — considered by many to be a fashion don’t — remains intact after its owner, Donald Trump, prevailed in Sunday night’s “hair match” at Wrestlemania.

Trump trumped World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon in the “Battle of the Billionaires” at the WWE’s largest annual pay-per-view event. After the real estate mogul and reality TV star triumphed, he gleefully took the shears to Mr. McMahon’s head.

Trump and McMahon didn’t actually battle it out in the ring, but instead had WWE wrestlers representing them grapple to see who would go bald. The winner, Trump’s guy Bobby Lashley, bested McMahon’s chosen wrestler, Umaga.

Will Sanjaya Save or Destroy American Idol?

American Idol's Sanjaya discussed here. I think Howard Stern's listeners are saving him from elimination.

Hoover Loses State Championship

On Two-A-Days, the Hoover Bucs lost their bid to win a fifth straight state championship. The guys' goofy hairdos are causing quite a stir - see here.

People have called the look "Frat Boy Hair," "The Southern Swoop" and, more recently, "Bama Bangs."

It's a hairstyle for males characterized by grown-out, swept-aside, forehead-concealing bangs, and thanks to the MTV show "Two-A-Days," it's getting some attention.

Several Hoover High football players on both seasons of the reality TV show sported the style, begging the question from some national viewers: Do most white guys in Alabama have their hair cut like the guys on "Two-A-Days?"