Friday, April 27, 2007

Hulk Hogan's Marriage on the Rocks?

Hulk Hogan may be a little rusty in the wrestling ring, but he can still slam with the best of 'em, with or without his spandex bodysuit. The bushy mustached wrestler is hitting back at reports that his 20-year-plus union to wife, Linda, is about to become the latest reality show casualty. According to the New York Post, the VH1 staples are "going through a very hard time" and have been tussling over, among other things, how best to raise their tan-orexic daughter Brooke." At one point, they were talking divorce," an insider tells the paper. "It's still precarious." Not so, says Hulk, who assures Us that all is well at home: "I'm happily married, and everything is cool."

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