Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Bachelor Update

On the last episode of The Bachelor, An Officer and a Gentleman, Andy Baldwin had group dates with two groups of seven and an individual date with Stephanie, the strange and cocky first impression rose girl.

The first group date began with mechanical bull riding. Andy confided in the camera that all that bull riding was really turning him on. After the mechanical bull, he took the girls to try on new cocktail dresses, followed by a dip in the hot tub. All part of every guy's standard first date package. Bevin is this season's older, desperate girl (she claims to be 28, which means she's probably 33). She comes across as a little slutty too. She made out with Andy in the pool.

The next group date was a weird mini-triathlon at a hotel pool. Two of the more bimbo looking ones refused to get their platinum hair wet. The majority of these girls seem to have no athletic ability at all.

At the ladies' house, the girls watched the first impression rose girl try on slutty dresses. Then, she had her one on one date with Andy on the yacht where he stays. The evening ended with them making out in the yacht hot tub and him giving her another rose, making her safe from elimination this week.

At the rose ceremony, there weren't any big surprises, and none of the rejects melted down too badly.

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