Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Hills Finale

On the season finale of The Hills, Heidi Montag moved out of Lauren Conrad's apartment to move in with the manipulative loser Spencer Pratt. Brody Jenner was giving Spencer a hard time about moving in with Heidi, equating it with marriage, and Spencer said he'd still be a player and that Brody could call him on his separate "homeboy phone." He keeps one phone for girls to call and another for his homeboys. Heidi has lost all ability to think for herself, instead doing whatever Spencer tells her to do. Where are her friends and family to tell her to have some self-respect?

Heidi and Lauren are no longer friends. Heidi blew off the reunion show because a) Spencer wasn't invited to be on it and b) she had implants inserted instead. The MTV producers must be fools because it would make for great tv to have Spencer there. I'm sure he manipulated Heidi into not going, somehow blaming it on Lauren in the process.

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