Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Bachelor Premiere

The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman began this week. How cheesy is that subtitle? Definitely not shooting to attract the male viewers with that.

Andy Baldwin has strange teeth and is a little awkward, not to mention that he drives a DeLorean or some such car with doors that open vertically, but he grows on you a bit as he drinks more and loosens up. The bachelorettes this season are nothing to write home about. Most of them are not that attractive, and a fair number of them are weird and/or slutty.

For some reason, the opening night cocktail party, where The Bachelor has a short time to narrow down the field, has turned into some sort of freakish drunken talent show. One girl, who admitted she wasn't that hot, decided that Andy might like to hear her sing the National Anthem. Another did gymnastics. One showed him her scars. The one with the really slutty dress wriggled on the floor dancing. And the one with the really big bug eyes who kept saying Andy was like her male mirror image did pushups with him before being axed. One of the many Southern girls had a few too many and fell off the couch.

One of the least attractive girls, Lindsay, walked off immediately after Andy didn't give her a rose and started mouthing off outside, saying Andy is short and has bad teeth. Classic.

The Sports Gal has her wrap-up here.

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