Thursday, December 7, 2006

Real World: Tyrie and Davis' Drunken Fight

On the Real World Denver, the cast members were out at a bar, and Davis left early to go home and call his boyfriend. The boyfriend warned Davis not to drink too much. When the rest of the group came home, Tyrie went nuts on Davis in the hot tub. Apparently, the bartender called Stephen the N word, and Tyrie assumed that Davis had heard the remark and nevertheless left the bar.

Tyrie did not seem upset at all with the bartender who uttered the slur, and he did not try to go back to the bar to confront the alleged racist. Instead, he blamed everything on Davis despite the fact that Davis may not have even heard anything. Of course, had he heard anything, he was so drunk that it probably would not have registered in his brain anyway.

At first, Davis was so drunk that he just had a silly grin on his face in response to Tyrie's outburst. After being repeatedly harassed by Tyrie, Davis started to yell back, telling Tyrie to hit him so Tyrie would be sent home. The yelling went on for much of the episode.

Colie would occasionally interject herself into the argument to take Tyrie's side and blame everything on Davis. Given that the focus of the incident was on alleged hate speech, it is ironic that nobody seemed to bat an eye at Tyrie's anti-gay tirade.

Eventually, MTV's producers stepped in to try to prevent things from escalating and took Davis to a hotel room for the night. The next day, in true Real World fashion, everyone hugged and made up. Davis apologized and said he has a drinking problem, to which Alex responded by saying he just needs to go out more, presumably so he can build up his tolerance so he can drink more.

My description of this fight does not do it justice. Nearly every Real World episode has stupid fights, but this one takes the cake. It has to be a new low, even by Real World standards. The shallowness of the Real World cast members is mind-boggling. Here you have people who are wildly concerned not with their own actions but with any hint of perceived disrespect to them by others, yet after they have the ugliest fights imaginable, the next day everything is fine and dandy. I could not imagine the Real World casting crew finding any more shallow, self-absorbed people than they do season after season. Which is, of course, why we watch the show.

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~Virginia~ said...

That fight was absolutely absurd...I hate The Real World sometimes...but I never miss an episode. Sigh.