Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Real World Denver: Study in Alex and Colie

So Colie finds out that Jen did Alex. But they both decided they they loooove each other and that their friendship is much stronger than either of their relationship with a guy. I mean, come on, Colie is going to be in Jen's wedding! That's what she said. Jen was so upset, I think more worried about getting caught than anything and she probably wouldn't have told Colie about the hot sex in the guest room. But then Colie saw the hickey on Jen's neck while she was showering. Yeah, girls do that, watch each other take a shower. Just like when we have slumber parties and have naked pillow fights, right. Anyway, they bonded over this issue. Alex and Colie talked it out. and I don't think Colie wants to be the desperate girl on the show. ( I like her better now) It's just that she likes Alex. So they talked and made a pact. Not to hook up with anyone the next day. Gosh, that's a committment. It was hilarious though. Alex took it back the next day.

I like the Tennesse girl. Colie, Jen and the TN girl went out. Colie picked up Nick, a dude in a bar. Brought him back to the house to make Alex jealous. It worked.

Nick told the TN girl that she didn't like him. TN girl said she liked him as long as he didn't F Colie. I like TN girl. She's a girl's girl. She has Colie's back and I kind of feel sad for her that's she's the third wheel. I hope Jen atleast asks her to read in her wedding. But seriously. I like her, she seems normal. Or seemed normal this time.

Poor Colie, just wants a boyfriend and Alex is really the only option for her. That's what she said.

Oh, one more thing. Check out this link. It gives 5 reasons why you're too old too be watching Real World.

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