Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Danny Bonaduce's Meltdown in the Guest Room

On Breaking Bonaduce, Danny Partridge Bonaduce threw a tantrum in the guest room, whining and singing a song calling Gretchen a whore. Then, when babysitting for his children and a friend's children, he had them shoot him with a plastic pellet gun. He then wrapped the dog up in bacon and took the dog and the kids for a walk in the dark to see if the baited dog would attract coyotes. I don't think he'll be receiving a Christmas card from PETA this year. Later, Danny and Gretchen go out to eat and Danny tries to talk to her through the glass window as she sits at their table by the window while he is outside smoking. At the end, Gretchen shuts the cameras out of the guest room (though their microphones are still on) as she talks to Danny and invites him back into the master bedroom. She is as big a mess as he is.

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