Friday, November 24, 2006

Real World Denver Premiere

The Real World Denver cast seems to be following the Las Vegas cast's formula of intracast hooking up. In the first episode, Alex made out with Colie, Brooke made out with Jenn, Alex made out with Colie and Jenn together, and Alex had sex with Jenn. The first episode was full of cast members gushing about how great of friends they had become in the space of a few short hours. Shortly thereafter, Colie told Alex to come to her bed for a hookup in ten minutes. In response, he asked for twenty minutes but got sidetracked from that and his pizza in the oven when he opted to do Jenn instead. It was quite a first 48 hours in the house. Tyrie flirted with Brooke but had no success. Stephen does not approve of Davis' homosexuality, which was interesting because it is the first time I recall two Real World cast members having a discussion about the Bible.

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Anonymous said...

It's going to be a great season on Real World!