Saturday, March 31, 2007

Donald Trump Not Afraid To Shave His Head

Donald Trump is facing the prospect of having his famous coif shaved off – but he's not afraid, the mogul tells PEOPLE.

"It reminds me of when I was in military academy many years ago – my head was shaved, so I guess I'll have to do it a second time," Trump tells PEOPLE. "I think there are a lot of people that would like it very much."

On Sunday night, Trump will host the WWE's "Battle of the Billionaires" with World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon in Detroit. Each man will have a designated wrestler (Bobby Lashley for Trump and "The Samoan Bulldozer" Umaga for McMahon) fight on his behalf. The loser will have his head shaved in front of a live pay-per-view audience and more than 75,000 wrestling fans.

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