Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mary Beats The Crap Out of The Bachelor Byron

Mary from The Bachelor -- stage name Mary Delgado and real name Maribel Liliana Delgado -- was arrested for beating the crap out of The Bachelor Byron Velvick the day after they lovingly appeared on a special edition of this season's series entitled After the Final Rose. I've posted her mugshot on the left. It is consistent with my belief that so many people on tv, whether they are real actors or reality tv characters, are nowhere near as attractive in real life as they appear to be on tv. She appeared on Bachelor Brad Womack's After the Final Rose show on Tuesday with Byron to discuss her engagement and future marriage to Byron and then punched him in the mouth the next night. It's hard to figure these two out. Most Bachelor couples, obviously, either are not into each other but pretend to be for the sake of the show or are but then the Bachelor realizes after the show that he can all of a sudden get girls he couldn't before the show so he dumps the girl (see Bob Guiney). These two never seemed to fit into either category.

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