Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Hills

Too funny. I am slow to post. I just watched it on DVR yesterday but oh my gosh. I'll have to watch it again. LC is still so pretty and I actually kind of like Brody-the guy she was set up with. But stop it with the I like your smile thing. The first time was cute then it just was cheesy. That's probably his shtick with all the girls. Sorry LC, he doesn't like your straight smile more than the next one.

My favorite part HAD to be when Heidi made Spence sweat it out a little bit and let him think she was pregnant. All to see how much the loser playa liked her. Well, if you didn't watch it, he's on Team Heidi. When he found out she was just messing with him, he was pissed and well he should be. But then he sticks around. If he was any kind of man he would have ditched her right there for playing the stupid game.

It's going to be a good season. I'm glad it's only just begun.

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