Monday, January 1, 2007

twentyfourseven: Prom Kings' Record Deal

On twentyfourseven, Greg, Chris and Whitman have a meeting with Ron Fair of Geffen Records. Fair tells them he wants The Prom Kings to record a single. On the way out of the meeting, Chris squeals like a dork, and Greg is irritated that he's celebrating like a girl within sight of the record company guys. Cipes and Ty walk on the beach, and Cipes is jealous of The Prom Kings' success. Ty has to tell him he needs to be happy for them. Cipes dogs The Prom Kings for being all into the rock 'n' roll thing that he doesn't think is as good as whatever drugged out crap he plays.

The guys give Whitman a hard time for not immediately ending things with Shayne Lamas because she was spotted with her ex-boyfriend. He meets her at a lunch spot to end things. Too bad because I'm a big Lorenzo Lamas fan, and I presume he won't be on the show any more.

Matt the actor is in the movie Surf School, and the guys all go to the premiere. The movie looks terrible, and Matt seems embarrassed by it, especially when his loser friends all give him a hard time about how lame it is. Everyone leaves the bar where they celebrate after the premiere except Chris, who gets so drunk that he has to call Greg and have Greg come carry him out of the bar and take him home.

At the end, Geffen decides to give The Prom Kings a record deal. Everyone celebrates except Chris, who walks out alone and seeks treatment for drinking too much. I give him 12-16 hours of sobriety tops.

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