Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Bachelor Finalists: Bevin and Tessa

On The Bachelor, Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin brought the three remaining contestants -- Bevin, Danielle and Tessa - to Hawaii for the overnight dates. All three accepted his invitation to the fantasy suite. The previews showed Tessa pretending to be reluctant, but the way they edited the show itself, she readily agreed to it. Andy had a friend fly in to help him make his decision. In the end, he narrowed his choice to two: Bevin and Tessa. Danielle did not receive a rose. Next week, they are not having a reunion show, typically entitled The Bachelor, The Women Tell All special episode and featuring a surprise appearance by The Bachelor -- the season finale airs next week. I guess they had to fit in all the episodes before Memorial Day. I'm going with Tessa all the way to win the final rose.

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Anonymous said...

I think he'll pick Bevin.