Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bachelor Final Three: Bevin, Danielle and Tessa

At the beginning of this week's episode, The Bachelor Andy Baldwin has narrowed down his choices to four: Amber Alchalabi, Bevin Powers, Danielle Imwalle and Tessa Horst. It's time for the hometown dates. One dorky bachelor, four nutcase women, what could go wrong?

Bevin is up first. We know that Bevin is keeping a secret from Andy - she is divorced. She kept the secret surprisingly long on the show. The producers like to cast a virgin and a divorcee, and typically, the women wait all of thirty seconds at the first night's cocktail party to make their status known. This season, both Bevin and the suspected virgin kept their identities secret much longer than usual.

Bevin meets Andy at a scenic waterfall near Seattle. In all four hometown dates, Andy squeals like a pig when he first sees the women. He is Mr. Monotone 24/7 except when he first sees a woman, when he instantly squeals with delight in a very feminine way. Andy asks Bevin if she's taken other boys to the waterfall, and she lies to his face, denying it. Bevin tells Andy about the divorce, and his poker face isn't very good -- you can see he doesn't like this news. Bevin's family seems relieved that Andy is a lot more normal than the loser guys Bevin has brought home before. Her dad is emotional and cries a little too much.

Next up is Danielle in Connecticut. We learn for the 10,000th time that Danielle had a college boyfriend years ago who died while they were in bed together. No explanation is provided for exactly what they were doing at the time. Other than being way too hung up on the ex-boyfriend's death, Danielle seems pretty normal. She still lives at home, presumably to help her grieving process over the dead boyfriend. Andy always says that Danielle is the most invested in him. I'm not sure what that means, but I know I don't like it, but at the same time it doesn't seem true because she doesn't seem that invested in Andy, at least not compared to desperados like Bevin. Danielle's dad lets us know that he's the provider and protector, then he plays the drums in the basement, followed by the mom and sister belly dancing with Andy. Perhaps Andy enjoyed the belly dancing a little too much because Danielle warned him to "stay away from my sister." At least he was hitting on the sister and not her mom.

Next up is Tessa in Washington D.C. The date began with Andy's usual squealing followed by a snowball fight that looked a little forced. I can almost see the producers behind the camera telling them to do that. Each season, one of the families plays the role of interrogators to The Bachelor, and Tessa's family and friends followed that script this season. Samantha, Tessa's friend from Denver, seemed determined to break the two up with her obnoxious questioning. Great friend she is. Washing dishes with the dad, Andy awkwardly asks if Tessa has brought many other guys home to meet the family. Smooth line.

Next up is the highlight of the show -- Andy's visit to Sugar Land, Texas to see Amber. We know from the previews that her family situation is unstable. Her parents apparently are not in the picture, so she begs an aunt to meet Andy. The aunt says no, so Andy has an awkward dinner in the Tri Delt house with Amber, her dumb roommate and the dog that goes number one on the carpet. Eventually, the aunt shows up unannounced and relieves the tension somewhat.

At the rose ceremony, Andy rejected Amber. She cried pretty hard, and he blamed it on their age difference. She reminded him that he told her in the hot tub that her age didn't matter, but I think we all know he would say anything in the hot tub to try to get some action.

Next week, the three women visit him in Hawaii. The previews show Tessa pretending to have to think about his invitation to the fantasy suite. That is something else that happens every season. They all go to the fantasy suite, but one of them pretends to be unsure about it. I think Tessa will accept the invitation, if you know what I mean. No question that Bevin will be all over the fantasy suite.


Anonymous said...

I really can't decide who he's going to pick - I'm leaning towards Danielle.

NolaMom said...

Amber's parents are in the picture. They just don't approve of her meeting a guy in this type of setting. This is what they said on the show.

Reality TV News Blog said...

I know she said her parents don't approve of the show, but it seemed to me there was more to it than that.