Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reunited: The Real World Vegas

The original Real World Las Vegas season was, depending on your point of view, either the best or the worst season in Real World history. It was a defining season in which cast members focused less on incessant whining about perceived problems in the house and more on having a good time partying and hooking up.

On Reunited: The Real World Vegas, the dynamics have changed since the original season. Originally, Frank was the nice guy who fell for Trishelle within minutes of meeting her, only to be disillusioned moments later when he discovered she was a slut. Now, the new Frank is much more relaxed and wants only to drink a ton and sleep with as many girls as possible. He and Steven seem awfully tight, so much so that I'm half expecting the two of them to end up in bed together some night if Frank can't get any action from the ladies.

On an unrelated note, let me give some unsolicited advice to the Maloof brothers, owners of The Palms. Banning Steven from the pool was asinine. What did he do? He may have thrown some ice at someone and then thrown her into the pool? Who cares? This is supposed to be Vegas, baby, not a Holidome in Peoria. Man up, Maloof brothers, and let Steven and Frank have fun together.

Trishelle is now bleach blonde and considers herself to be an "actress." She demonstrated for the girls how she learned to pole dance for her latest role. This was at the post-marriage, post-babies bachelorette party she threw for Brynn, who has gone from a dysfunctional go-go dancer to a dental hygienist wife and mother. Trishelle's party for her was awkward and forced, with far too many male strippers involved.

Alton, Irulan and Arissa have some major issues. During the original season, Irulan was in an "open relationship" and took advantage of that time to hook up with Alton. Apparently, after the show, Alton and Irulan dated for three years and were also close to Arissa until something happened in a bathroom. Arissa claims that Alton tried to kiss her, but he denies it, bringing to mind his bragging about a threesome and subsequent denial of it during the original season.

On the same night as Trishelle's bachelorette party for Brynn, the guys throw a bachelor party for Brynn's husband Austin in another suite -- the hardwood suite. Girls are there when the guys arrive, but it turns out they just play the guys in a lame game of basketball and leave. Later that night, Frank manages, separately, to make both Irulan and Arissa lose their minds and storm out of the suite for completely overblown reasons.

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