Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sunset Tan: Countdown to Bankruptcy

I assume that Sunset Tan is a privately held company, otherwise I would sell its stock short in a second. What a bunch of morons at this company, from top to bottom. The E! show by the same name follows around a bunch of weird people who work in a tanning salon. Not surprisingly, these aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer. One employee, Erin, while spraying a nude Jose Canseco's ex-wife with tanning spray, thinks it's okay to ask her how much she paid for her home and who did her breast implants. Then, the dumber of the two owners, Jeff Bozz, has all the employees, some of whom are young, over for a party and decides to skinny dip in front of everyone. Some of the employees join in, while others are turned off. Britney Spears comes in for a tan, looking like the trailer trash girl that she is. The two ditzy blonde employees, known as the Olly Girls for some witty reason -- I think because their first names are Molly and Polly or something similar -- are there for only one reason, to meet celebrities, but the best they've done so far is Chris Kattan. As dumb as the Olly Girls are, they were able to come up with a play on words with Kattan's name and the word "tan." The two owners take Nick, apparently the only employee in the entire organization with half a brain, to Las Vegas and strongly imply that they'll give him a big promotion to run the new Las Vegas tanning booth at The Palms if he'll just dump his girlfriend. Erin visits her hometown in Oklahoma to see an ex-boyfriend. He tells her he loves her and wants to make out with her and that, oh by the way, he's also engaged to someone else.


Anonymous said...

The owners really are terrible. I can't imagine this business succeeding.

Anonymous said...

Its now 2011 and i can see they DIDNT succeed and had to sell them all off.
Its a shame they had a good concept but ruined it by selling out and going to big to soon. Franchises need years to evolve!