Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hogan Knows Best Update

On the latest episode of Hogan Knows Best, Nick Hogan, not yet old enough to legally drive, decides he wants to be a professional drift car racer. The Hulkster wonders about all of Nick's other abandoned pursuits, but Nick convinces him this time he means it. Hulkamania arranges for some lessons, then next thing you know, Nick is driving a Viper trying for his Formula D racing license, which would allow him to race professionally. One of the guys trying out gives Nick a hard time for having the free Viper. While practicing, Nick hits the wall and damages the car. He needs to try out later that day, and they can't obtain the part that quick, so Terry Hogan calls a dealer with a new Viper on the lot and borrows it so they can strip off the part they need. The Hulkster liked the fact that he could just take the brand new Viper off the lot without signing anything. In the end, Nick crashes again and does not earn his license.

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