Friday, February 23, 2007

The OC Series Finale and Spinoff

How great was the O.C. Series Finale? It was so bittersweet. I laughed. I cried and I prayed for a miracle that there will be some sort of spinoff. They certainly left it so that it will be easy to do that. I say it a lot but thank goodness for DVR. I had to rewind so that I could see the final scenes again. I boohooed when they showed Summer and Seth getting married. (Adam was looking pretty hot, might I add). I cried when they showed Julie getting her college degree AND when they showed Frank and Bullet and Caitlin in the audience. But I thought the end scene with Ryan was a little forced. He doesn't dress up well at all. It just looked awkward and staged.

I will keep my fingers crossed that a spinoff will be spinning our way, preferably with either Seth and Summer or Caitlin, The Bullet and Julie. or maybe even Ryan and Taylor but I don't think they have enough staying power for their own show.

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J said...

I think if they were going to spin off a new show, they would have already announced it and set it up, but we can hope.