Sunday, July 8, 2007

Big Brother 8 First Episode

This summer's Big Brother 8 looks like it will be a good season. Julie Chen is the host once again. Coincidentally, she is married to the president of CBS.

The first episode began with 11 of the houseguests entering the house. Three houseguests were already in an upstairs room where they watched the other 11. The big twist this season is that three sets of guests know each other and have unresolved issues from the past.

Joe, the male receptionist from Chicago who happens to be gay, had a bad breakup with Dustin. Dustin is isolated in the upstairs room and tells America that Joe has gigantic nipples. Joe later reveals that he "immaculately conceived gonorrhea" from Dustin. Good times. These two are such drama queens they make Marcellas from Big Brothers 3 and 7 look macho. I see Joe and Dustin cat fighting for two or three weeks, after which if they are both still in the house they will make up and rekindle their relationship. You heard it here first.

Evil Dick is a 44 year old freak. His 20 year old daughter Daniele is in the house. Dick seems completely unconcerned that he is estranged from his daughter and actively roots against her in the Head of Household competition, cheering when she is eliminated. You would think that a father, even one who is not close to his daughter, would at least want her to win, or to come in second if he wins. Not Evil Dick. Hey, Dick, it's time to grow up, stop getting ugly tattoos, pull the earrings out of your ears and eyebrows and be nice to your daughter.

Carol and Jessica had a dispute over $5 years ago and have been enemies ever since. Their dislike for each other seems a little fake.

Eric is "America's Player," meaning that the viewers secretly control what he does in the house.

Kail won the HOH competiton.


Anonymous said...

Evil Dick really is weird.

Reality TV News Blog said...

He is, but he has the potential to be more direct in calling these people out, so he'll probably be pretty entertaining if he sticks around.