Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big Brother Update

I'm way behind on Big Brother 8 updates, so here goes.

Dick suggests that Daniele has an eating disorder. That's obvious, but she probably doesn't need her dad pointing it out on national television. I predict that her eating disorder will come to fruition on the show and that the houseguests will try to intervene.

decides to keep the fact that she's a Joe and Dustin continue to debate the gonorrhea issue. Kail decides to keep the fact that she is a multibusiness owner a secret. Somehow, I have a feeling that none of her businesses are all that successful. Her terrible grammar should help keep her success a secret. She says, for example, that "three houseguests was not able to compete."

Jen has a massive meltdown over her stupid picture on the wall. She keeps crying that she's never taken a worse picture, and she covers it with paper. Dick is a huge name dropper. In a great sequence, they show clip after clip of him dropping names. Did you know he's been to dinner with Cher? Whoop tee doo. Mike, Kail, Zach and Nick form an alliance. In the first food competition, the girls do not want Dick touching them. Can't blame them. Kail nominates Carol and Amber out of what she calls a "spirit of fairness." Amber, a major whiner, doesn't think Kail should have put her up because they're both mothers. Amber has a major meltdown over her nomination. She needs to pull herself together more. It's only a tv show, honey. She's kind of a skank.

Evil Dick wears black nail polish. Jen tells people that Nick tried to kiss her. She wears great t-shirts with sayings like Jenuine, I'm a Jenius, Jenth Degree and I'm a Member of Jensa. Daniele wins the first power of veto but chooses not to use it.

They show Eric's family and friends. They are not happy that he's America's Player out of concern that this will throw off his game strategy. He loves the show and has always wanted to be on it. He's one of the few houseguests who is not an out of work actor or model trying to make a name for himself.

Carol is voted out, and Jen wins Head of Household. Jen was the only person to vote to evict Amber. Everyone in the house hates Jen, so they're not happy she's HOH. Zach, Mike and Dustin play a drinking game where they each take a drink every time Jen says the word "I." They do this in front of Jen, and she's too self-absorbed to catch on. In the HOH room, Jen has a minor meltdown that the pictures provided aren't better shots of her, putting the only picture with her mother in a drawer. You can tell she's pissed that they didn't fill the room with her cheesy modeling glamor shots.

Nick continues to flirt with Daniele. He gives her the key to his suitcase and calls it the key to his heart. Lame-o. Dick continues to attack Jen as much as he can. He doesn't hold much back with her, calling her an inconsiderate bitch and saying he'll make her the most miserable bitch in the house. Jen nominates Dick and Daniele, citing the "negative atmosphere" they bring to the house.

Daniele points out, rightly, that Jen is just jealous, or should I say Jenlous, that Nick wants Daniele over Jen. Mike and Zach are worried that Nick is too p-whipped by Daniele. Amber is a mess over the Power of Veto competition because she has to compete. Jameka tells her to pull herself together. Daniele once again wins POV and takes herself off the block. As part of the POV, Jen has to wear a skin tight unitard for a week, which she loves. Jen puts Joe up in Daniele's spot, so on Thursday, it's Evil Dick or Joe who will be evicted.

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