Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Victoria Beckham: Please Leave America

I can't imagine two people I care less about that Victoria Beckham a/k/a Posh Spice and David Beckham, who recently appeared in an NBC special, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America. David is gay and has way too many tattoos. Since he's moved to Los Angeles to play soccer, the tv networks are going to try to cram soccer down our throats even though people could care less about it, the way they do with the WNBA and other women's sports.

Posh likes to hang out by the pool in weird black outfits with her makeup artist and hair stylist -- they accompany her everywhere. She seems to go out of her way to be followed by the paparazzi, no doubt having her assistants tip off the paparazzi to her every move, yet on camera pretends to complain about them. I mean let's face it, this is Posh Spice -- you're not that big a deal.

She visited Perez Hilton and, in response to his question, denied that Tom Cruise is trying to convert them to Scientology. Yeah right. Tom Cruise isn't hanging out with you because he likes you -- there's no doubt a deal that they'll pretend to just be friends to make it seem more normal to the public and then, bam, they'll be forced to announce to the world that they've joined the cult and tell us all how great Scientology is. You heard it here first. The second the paparazzi starts getting a little thin around Posh's new house, she'll play the Scientology card to put herself back in the spotlight.

Posh went to a Beverly Hills ladies luncheon. The old ladies with way too much plastic surgery made Posh look like an intellectual. She was horribly awkward at the Dodgers game. She throws not like a girl but like a shot putter. She couldn't seriously have been trying to throw the ball.

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