Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Big Brother 8: Kail and Mike on the Block

Evil Dick has been stirring up trouble in the Big Brother house. He was on the block against Joe and survived by a vote of 9 to 1, with only Kail voting for him to be evicted. Joe hugged everyone as he left except for his former lover Dustin, who likes wearing a skin tight t-shirt with a very low cut v-neck that shows a lot of his cleavage. For some reason, the houseguests always try to dress up on Thursday nights -- is seeing Julie Chen that significant that they need to dress up for her?

Dick went from the chopping block to the Head of Household room, winning HOH after the elimination vote.

Nick is gay. He has a list of his top five guys he'd like to have sex with "if I was gay." He told Daniele that he doesn't have a list of top five girls because he replaced all five with her when he met her. I don't think he ever really had a girl list. No straight guy has a contingency list of guys he wants to be with just in case he switches teams.

Dick nominated Kail because she lied to him and voted for him to be eliminated and Jen because she put him on the block. Dick tells everyone in the house over and over, including Kail, that he wants Kail evicted. Jen won power of veto, and Dick put Mike up for eviction. Mike was the only one working with Kail against Dick during the POV competition. Eventually, Dick gave up and told Mike he was going on the block -- "Welcome to the block."

Daniele tells Dick he's irritating everyone in the house being so angry. They argue, and he offers to go to family counseling after the show is over.

Eric has two nipple piercings.

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