Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Big Brother: Kail and Nick on the Block

Mike was voted out after making the dumbest move in Big Brother 8 history, trying to be nominated for eviction to prove he is true to his alliance with Kail. He proved his truthfulness all the way out to Julie Chen's couch outside the Big Brother house.

Daniele and Nick have taken their flirting to the next level. He has been all up in her grill about how much he likes her, and they finally made out, loudly I might add, last week.

Dustin, the new Head of Household, wants to target Jen, Kail, Zach and Nick. He seems to be getting gayer and gayer every day. He cries uncontrollably after receiving a letter from his brother in the HOH room -- weird. Amber is a total mess and cries nonstop. Everyone dislikes Zach and leaves the area whenever he is around.

Dustin nominates Jen and Kail, telling Kail she's a pawn and that he really wants Zach gone. Jameka wins the Golden Power of Veto, but the story of the competition is everyone getting mad at Dustin for taking a trip to Barbados and $5,000 in cash rather than winning POV. What idiots. He is the HOH. He shouldn't care that much about the POV to where he turns down a free trip and cash. Jameka claims that she will play for Jen because God wants her to, and she stays true to her (bizarre) word and takes Jen off the block. As Dick says, does she think God has nothing better to do than to worry about Jameka playing a game for some skanky chick.

Dustin puts Nick up, so Nick or Kail will be eliminated on Thursday.

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