Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hell's Kitchen: Bonnie Versus Rock

On Hell's Kitchen, chef Gordon Ramsey sent Julia home but promised to pay for her to go to culinary school, saying she can be a great chef but that she just doesn't have the fine dining experience necessary (she is a short order cook at Waffle House). Chef Ramsey introduced the remaining three, Bonnie, Rock and Jen, to his mother, then brought out the contestants' parents to judge the next contest. Jen won, earning lunch with her family and the Chef and a $1,000 gift certificate to a restaurant supply store. She is a bit of a mess, always crying at the drop of a hat. For the elimination food service, the three acted as chefs rather than cooks. Chef told the sous chefs to purposely make mistakes to see if the pretend chefs caught them. In the end, Jen was sent home, leaving Bonnie and Rock as the final two.

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