Saturday, August 18, 2007

Real World Sydney

The Real World Sydney cast is southern and slutty. Dunbar and Cuhotta are southern guys. Isaac is an ex-convict -- can't wait until the girls find out they're living with a criminal. Trisha, Shauvon and KellyAnn are slutty girls, and Parisa is an uptight Iranian girl. Breaking with tradition, this season does not have a black and a gay. In a weird hookup, Isaac and Shauvon hooked up in the confession room. It went far enough that he had his trousers down. Trisha has already decided to take a break from her U.S. boyfriend -- gee, I didn't see that coming -- since when do Real Worlders take breaks from their girlfriends/boyfriends while filming the show? Her eyebrows are very strangely plucked. Trisha and Shauvon go out with two Aussie guys. Parisa gets so loaded off of two drinks that Dunbar has to carry her home over his shoulder. The girls get in a senseless fight because Trisha is on the computer non-stop waiting for an e-mail from the boyfriend she just told she wanted a break from, as if that is the most important thing on the planet, and Parisa wants to check her e-mail. These chicks are a total mess -- as self-centered as imaginable. There should be lots of fights this season.

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