Saturday, August 18, 2007

Newport Harbor

Every time MTV pulls out another reality show with high school kids, it's nearly impossible to tell them apart for the first three or four episodes. Same with Newport Harbor, the Laguna Beach copycat show on Wednesday nights. The girls say "like" several times in each sentence, and the guys say "dude" and "stoked" a lot and generally sound like stoners. The girls all seemed interested in this guy Clay. Why he is interesting to them escapes me, kind of like the guy on last season's Laguna Beach who was such a tool yet the chicks liked him. What was his name? Cameron, as I recall. Unlike any of the kids in Laguna Beach, one of this season's cast members actually has parents who seem to care about her and try to set some limits on her behavior. Chrissy's parents went with her and the kids to Palm Springs and grounded her when she brought a boy into the room.

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