Monday, August 20, 2007

Tonight's "The Hills"

Spencer follows up his huge, ugly mural on the wall of the apartment with a vintage game of Centipede. Heidi says those are decisions that should be made together, and Spencer responds that they're "surprises." Justin-Bobby is a total a** to Lauren at drinks, burping loudly at the table also. Audrina writes it off, saying, "But when you look at him do you say, 'there goes a gentleman'?" Heidi finally sacks up and paints over Spencer's beloved mural. Spencer looked like he was about to dismember her for that.

See the poll on the right. Who is a bigger loser -- Spencer or Justin-Bobby? I can't decide for sure. I guess I'll go with Justin-Bobby because Spencer at least (presumably) showers more frequently.

I watched this show live rather than on Tivo, and I have to say, MTV's commercial breaks are unwatchable, more than regular tv.

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