Saturday, August 18, 2007

Memo to Dustin: The Pawn Always Goes Home

Dustin made the colossal mistake of offering himself up as a pawn on Big Brother and was, naturally, voted off. His exact words were that he would be a "courtesy flush to the piece of crap next to me" and that he felt a "twinge of a risk." What a moron. Of course, not as big a moron as Amber, who admitted to Eric (who has two nipple piercings) that she twice told her boyfriend she was pregnant when she wasn't. It's okay to keep some things private, nutjob. Believe it or not, Jen is looking more and more normal all the time in comparison to the rest of the house. Evil Dick has started acting like the Father of the Year to Daniele after being a horrible father for years. Daniele won Head of Household for next week, swinging the momentum back entirely to her and E.D.

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