Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rock of Love: Degenerates

Rock of Love has to be the worst show in the history of reality tv. As I predicted, the show has taken reality tv to a new low. The women are unbelievable skanks who sit around drinking and cat fighting all day. I won't even comment on the elimination challenge, which let's just say involved phone sex and the measurement of Bret Michaels' response to the conversation. I can't watch this crap any more.


metaDAD said...

yes, yes, yes.

Reality TV News Blog said...

Glad someone agrees with me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rock of Love was a bit like ROCK & Roll.. Hot, wanton women, rock stars, dirt bikes, girl football,sex! Cmon! Who wouldn't like this?
cept maybe preppie girls!

I thought it was mindless tripe but isn't all reality TV? It just here for our entertainment!